Rutherford Innovation Showcase
- a celebration

2011 is a milestone year. New Zealand welcomes a global audience of leaders to the country.

Rutherford exemplifies our history of innovation as it commemorates Ernest Rutherford who was the "father of nuclear physics" and led the scientific team that first split the atom.

For the Hi-Tech & ICT sector, 2011 marks the beginning of a growth phase as we take advantage of new Free Trade Agreements, major domestic ICT infrastructure and services opportunities, local government reform, the rebuilding of Christchurch and IT driven transformation of Central Government.

The intention of the Rutherford Innovation Showcase is to provide a collaboration and business development platform for Hi-Tech and ICT companies to engage with key national and international stakeholders, be it potential or existing partners, investors or customers.
Along with our key partners we will host a series of events around the country.

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